About Us

What We Value

The Aultru management team has dedicated more than half a century to safeguarding the welfare of others. We pride ourselves in being a family-owned home care agency led by nurses. We understand the difficulty that comes with a change in health. Aultru is here to aid and support your family as they seek to enhance their independence and their quality of life with people they can trust.

Our Core Values:

  • Altruism—Selflessness and compassion drive our dedication to safeguarding the welfare of your loved ones.

  • Trust—Every relationship should begin and end with respect, reliability, and transparency.

  • Integrity—As the foundation of all we do, we strive for accountability and honesty.

  • Empowerment—Promote supportive autonomy and overall well-being.

  • Service—Work diligently and proficiently in order to provide high-quality care.

Our History

Founded in 2018, Aultru is a family-owned home care agency led by Timothy Andres and his parents Tante and Nen. With more than half a century of experience in the healthcare industry, Aultru is a culmination of the family's dedication to safeguarding the welfare of others.

In 1998, Nen's mother suffered a stroke and required constant care. Despite their overwhelming responsibilities at work and their commitment to raising their children, Tante and Nen made it their duty to care for her until her passing.

Tim was inspired by his parent's strong work ethic and dedication to helping others. His grandmother’s passing also created a lasting impression, which led him to volunteer at nursing homes in his youth.

After six years in Investment Management, Tim chose to continue his passion for helping the elderly. This led him to form a partnership with his parents, and ultimately, the establishment of Aultru.

Our Team

Timothy V. Andres, CFA


Tim’s passion for helping others extends beyond the client—he cares about the family as a whole and works to alleviate some of the stresses surrounding financial planning. His background in investment management enables him to offer creative and practical solutions for you and your loved ones. His experience in Equity Research and Portfolio Management always brings a fresh perspective to the table.

Tim studied Finance & Investments at Baruch College, graduating magna cum laude. He is also a CFA charterholder, a designation granted by the CFA Institute.

Constante M. Andres, RN

Director of Growth

Tante has always had a knack for forming relationships, which translated into an illustrious career in sales. After switching to nursing his unique blend of diligence, intellect, and charisma made him everyone’s favorite nurse at Mount Sinai St Luke’s Hospital.

Tante studied Economics at St. Louis University, graduating cum laude. He then studied Nursing at Rockland Community College.

Nenivitch V. Andres, RN, BSN

Director of Care

Nen is considered the face of Aultru™ because she radiates care and compassion. She is a nursing professional with three and a half decades of experience. Whenever her patients were in distress, Nen would offer peace of mind. She would do the same for you and your family.

Nen studied Nursing at the University of Nueva Caceres, graduating cum laude.

Our Caregivers

The heart of Aultru is its caregivers, as they empower and protect your family. Unique to our company is our belief that adhering to stringent local, state, and federal hiring requirements must serve as the foundation for finding an exceptional caregiver.

We add several steps to our recruitment process to hire the best candidates possible:

  1. Conduct an Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Assessment to make sure the applicant understands and empathizes with his or her match.

  2. Administer a Home Care Skills Assessment to confirm relevant in-home care or skilled facility experience or equivalent.

  3. Verify professional and personal references to better understand a candidate’s past work performance and moral fiber.

  4. Comprehensively review the candidate’s criminal, drug, and driving history with your loved one’s safety in mind.

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